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The Literary Machine Tutorials Publisher's Description

An introductory guide to the Literary Machine software for new users of both LM 2000 and LM Pro. These tutorials consist of "A Short Course in LM" and some how-to articles. The former takes you on a tour of LM's main features, teaching you the program's basic techniques. You will learn how to use the core database, how to outline, and how to export documents. These tutorials demonstrate LM's unique solutions to common problems, show you how to get the program to do the things you want, and make you aware of what all LM can do. The how-to articles cover special topics, such as how to use LM to write.

This eBook comes in printable Adobe PDF format. It has an interactive Table of Contents (bookmarks), an Expanded Table of Contents, and an index. It is illustrated in color with screen shots and other graphics, and it's hyperlinked with page referrers for hard copy.

The LM Tutorials comes in two editions. The regular edition is laid out for printing on the 8.5 x 11 inch paper used in the United States. The International Edition (IE) is laid out for printing on the A4 size paper used elsewhere.

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